A race through the best of Copenhagen

The Copenhagen Half Marathon course for 2016 will be commencing and finishing on Øster Allé in the midst of the beautiful city park, Fælledparken, in Copenhagen. Covering many different areas of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, the course will take in the very best of the Danish capital – from Østerbro, Nørrebro and Vesterbro to Frederiksberg and Inner City.

The aim has been to create an extremely fast course, that would also be highly spectator-friendly featuring many of the city’s highlights. The King’s New Square, Frederiksberg Allé, the city lakes and Nørrebro as well as the Marble Church, The Old Stock Exchange and The Parliament Christiansborg are just some of those highlights and attractions which runners will be taking in during the 21.0975 kilometres.

Not alone is the course a sightseeing tour around Copenhagen, it also entails ideal conditions for running extremely fast. Broad roads with asphalt surface, soft curves and long straight streches ensure that both recreational runners and pro athletes are in for a first-rate race experience.

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The published course may be subject to change. Click on the map to zoom.


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